How to Make a good footjob

A footjob is an intimate non Penetrative sex technique with the sole purpose of touching one's own feet to arouse or stimulate one's partner. In some instances it can even be a part of a foot fetish. In a normal footjob, you and your partner will lie down and your man penetrates your vagina or the anus with his penis while you caress your own feet. When you feel that he is about to reach climax, you can then take control of this natural rhythm and stimulate yourself. This is how a foot Fetish gets started.

Nice footjob

Other foot job positions include the rear entry, the doggie style, the forward head, and the usual position. The man sits on the edge of the bed with his knees bent, feet placed firmly on the floor, and the woman lays flat on her back with her knees bent. With her buttocks raised and her feet together and facing away from the body, this position will position her for an excellent footjob. man's buttocks should be resting against your bottom. If your feet are spread apart, the man's buttocks should be touching your bottom.

The third way of giving a footjob would be to lift your feet over the head and put your fingers on the base of your toes. Your fingers will act as a guide for the penis as it glides inside of you with the rhythm of your fingers. In order to give your man this footjob sensation, the tip of your penis needs to run in a "hunt" along your top toes. This will give him a girth that is much more pleasurable than just a simple penis. Remember that the whole purpose behind this is to trace the outline of your penis on your partner's feet.

You can add other hand and body movements by rolling your wrist, using your thumb and finger tips. The more you do these motions, the better your man will feel. You may even want to put your foot behind your partner's back during the footjob. He won't see it, but his body will feel the pressure. If you have a man who is used to having his feet touched during sex, you could even tell him what you are doing during the footjob to give him an idea of what you are planning on doing to him.

The penis, whether it is an old one that is just lying around or an impressively large one, will never touch the soles of your feet if your lady's feet have her feet placed flat on the ground. Your penis can't feel the hardness and weight of her bare feet, so it simply cannot pleasure her. With her feet on the ground, your penis will simply rub the side of her foot.